Malabar Food Items

Chippi Appam or Mussel Stuffed Rice Dumplings Wrapped in Banana leaf
It was pure bliss devouring this phenomenal dumplings… I lack words when it comes to describe the taste of this dish, it’s truly an exquisite! Growing up in a family like mine where there is a blend of different South Indian
Kaipola or Steamed plantain cake
Kaipola is a tea time snack with main ingredient as banana.This is an authentic Malabar dish which is often served as an evening snack. This is a sweet dish and it is a mixture of ripe bananas and eggs.
This is usually prepared during Ramadan days.
Unnakaya or Stuffed Plantain Fry

It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and tastes absolutely delicious… If you ask me what my favorite evening snack is, without any doubt I would have to say “Unnakaya”. This evening snack is very common and popular

Adukku Pathiri.
One of the famous Malabar dishes is Adukku Pathiri. I have made this many times and not a single time was I able to beat the taste of my mom’s Adukku Pathiri… In the past, I had posted two Malabar
Chatti Pathiri or Layered Crepes and Chicken made in a pan – Malabar Speciality
Yet another favorite Malabar dish… Hope everyone had a wonderful Eid celebration. We had a double celebration, Eid and my hubby’s birthday with our dear friends. I had spent most of the time in the kitchen over the weekend
Nadan Meen Curry/ Traditional Kerala Fish Curry - Malabar Style
Nadan Meen Curry - the flavorful delicious fish curry of Kerala. There won't be any house in the coastal area that does not make it excepting vegetarians. It is made daily with fresh catch of the day be it Ayila(Mackerel), Ayakkora (King Fish) or Natholi (Anchovy). Again as you go from place to place or even house to house the recipe will be different, the flavour different to suit ones palate and taste. I would like to share the recipe we make at home. 
Ghee Rice / Neichoru
This delightful pilaf flavoured with spices, nuts and raisins represents the classic Moslem cuisine of Malabar. Ghee rice is a favourite on all special occassions. This is a simple dish to put together when you have unexpected guests and it is absolutely stunning both in flavour and appearance. Ghee rice is served with chicken curry, parippu curry, kachumber (raita), pickle and
Grind the coconut,cumin seed and onion coarsely and add to the rice flour.Boil and melt jaggery in 2 cups of water and let it thicken slightly. Add the melted jaggery to the rice flour and coconut mixture and mix well. Add cardamom powder and salt. Pour into a greased dish and steam cook until a thick appam is formed. Cool and cut into diamond shapes before serving
Chicken stuffed fried tortillas
This time too I want to keep the birthday recipe traditional just like last year. And so here I take you to North Kerala, the so called Malabar region where you are once again going to savor the richness and goodness of authentic Malabar food. Irachi Pathiri is the star of the day and today I’m going to show you how to make them from scratch with step by step pictures.
Thin Rice Roti or Pathiri – Malabar Speciality (Gluten Free)
A famous Malabar rice roti which is served for both breakfast and dinner… Pathiri is a traditional roti that originated from Malabar cuisine. Nowadays, it is commonly served in almost all parts to South India. The texture of pathiri is