More About Thttada Beach


Thottada Beach is a beautiful beach in Kannur. It is situated at Thottada just about 2.5 km from the NH 17 connecting Kannur town and Thalassery, it is hardly 7 km from Kannur town if you come through aadi Kadalai Temple route. The virgin beach 800 meter long is ideal for sun bathing. Tourists could stay at the beach house or guest house near the beach.

The Thottada river ( a small one) flows into one end of the beach. There is also a dam/bund built across the river 3 decades ago to keep the fresh water from salt water. Away from the sea the river spreads to form swamps which makes a great inhabitat for various birds and fishes.

Location: 7 kms south of Kannur.
Nearest Railway Station: Kannur
Nearest Bus Station: Kannur
Nearest Airports: Mangalore(120 kms), Kozhikode (120 kms).


Kannur, in northern Kerala, is known for its many beaches, some popular some not so much. One of the lesser known beaches is what I decided to explore on my last visit home. The quiet village of Thottada is located about 8 kms away from Kannur on the Kannur-Thalassery highway. This little nondescript village cradles a gem that only some very persistent travellers have managed to experience.